Dong Hoi Port of Quynh Luu District, Nghe An Province is a sea port located in Dong Hoi Industrial Zone of the key economical area South Thanh Hoa – North Nghe An. The total area of 318.5 hectares including 8 wharves, office, trees and roads.

Base on the approvals of Provincial People’s Committees and Departments, on 25th January 2014,  management of Dong Nam Economic Zone of Nghe An Province grant the Investment Certificate No. 27221000089 for Thanh Thanh Dat Co., Ltd. to invest and operate port Thanh Thanh Dat in Dong Hoi Port. This wharf will serve the maritime transportation demand of Dong Hoi Industrial Zone, Hoang Mai Town, the North West Nghe An and North Central of Vietnam. The port could accept ships with DW30,000MT.

-         Area of the office and yard: 13.200 m2

-         Area of wharf: 13.200 m2

-         Number of wharf: 02