Produce high quality seeds and plantation

Improve the capacity, apply the biotechnology in plant breeding to produce the high quality forestry seeds serve for high yield plantation program in Nghe An and nearby provinces. This is the tissue culture garden with the scale of 2million tree/year.

Advance the genetic quality, choose the new varieties of high yield seeds, with ability to resist the pest and adverse conditions; enhance the richness of plant species in forest; research and application of scientific advances in breeding techniques, especially the vegetative propagation method.

Thanh Thanh Dat Co., invested North Central High Quality Seed Centre in Thanh Tung Village, Thanh Chuong District, Nghe An Province with the targets:

-         Produce 2 million high quality seedlings for plantation/year

-         Build 5.3 hectares of nursery (generation 1, generation 1.5, generation 2)