Mechanical, Structural steel

Thanh Thanh Dat is a company with experience in mechanical and steel structure industry, with many years of construction for large projects.

Common applications in the design and construction with many types of large projects such as factories, civil works, high-rise buildings … steel structure is the most popular type of structure used today. If you are planning to expand your business area, this will be the choice that you should consider. But first of all, you need to understand what steel structure means.

Steel structure is the bearing structure used in construction works which made of steel, especially large-scale construction with completely structure and design steel.

Because of the benefits that steel structures bring to its users, it is especially trusted by design engineers for use in almost every project.

With a wide range of applications, from factories to bridges and large span building … steel structure is the optimal solution – safe – and suitable to help businesses save time and costs but still ensure Quality on every project.